🏇 Polygon overtakes Solana in NFT sales

🏇 Polygon overtakes Solana in NFT sales 🌴 Tokeny and CoFund tokenize a $10m hotel in Bali 🌱 First testnet for BNB Greenfield goes live

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Here's what recently happened in the space:

🏇 Polygon overtakes Solana in NFT sales 

     🌴 Tokeny and CoFund tokenize a $10m hotel in Bali

    🌱 First testnet for BNB Greenfield goes live

Polygon overtakes Solana in NFT sales

Solana, once a powerhouse (relatively) for NFTs, is now being pushed down the ranks by Polygon. It's a case of the hare and tortoise, with Polygon slowly but surely crawling past Solana to take their spot in terms of NFT sales volume.

Polygon's success can be attributed to their focus on a scalable network and partnerships, as well as their dedication to the development of on-chain culture. In fact, their impressive growth has been marked by a 133.06% increase in the last couple of days alone. Polygon's NFT sales are booming at an impressive $2.5M, although Ethereum is still leading the pack by a wide margin.

Tokeny and CoFund tokenize a $10m hotel in Bali

Tokenization provider Tokeny has announced a new partnership with Ethereum real-estate tokenization marketplace CoFund to tokenize a $10 million hotel in the Indonesian island resort of Bali. It's now possible to own a piece of paradise without ever having to leave your computer – the hotel is getting divided into tiny pieces and each of these can be bought for a minimum investment of $1,000.

It's a good use of technology for those who want to invest digitally, but also a clever move from Tokeny – the company already raised 5 million euros ($5.45 million) from Inveniam, Apex and K20 Fund last January. So now they're using that money to help expand their business, tokenizing real-estate in exotic locations and allowing investors a chance to own a piece of the action. Blockchain is perfect for this kind of venture, and soon more real estate tokenization platforms will start popping up all over the place.

First testnet for BNB Greenfield goes live

BNB Greenfield has just taken a major step forward in its mission to become the first Web3 data storage provider, with the launch of its Congo testnet. It's a momentous occasion for the BNB Chain ecosystem and one that signals a new era of data management and ownership.

BNB Greenfield is BNB Chain's new decentralized storage network, allowing users to take control of their data and access it securely in the Web3 world, or in other words Web3's own "cloud". BNB coin is going to be the driving force behind this, benefitting from additional use cases and additional infrastructure. With the recent CZ/Binance FUD, BNB for sure needed some healing. BNB Chain has recently issued a public invitation to developers wishing to join the Testnet and announced that Greenfield grants will be available soon. Greenfield's mainnet launch in expected in Q3 2023.