🙄 Trump indictment news sends his NFTs up 400%

🙄 Trump indictment news sends his NFTs up 400% ✈️ Argentinian airline is going to issue NFTs as e-tickets 📉 Bittrex is shutting down operations in the US

GM, frens. As you know, VEMP is all in on gaming, and we took it to a whole new level on the Bornless Game. We pitted 8 of top tier content creators against each other in an epic battle to the death. The stakes were high and the fight was fierce, but in the end only one could emerge victorious!

So who won? You'll have to watch the video to find out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li9z44Wu7s

Here's what recently happened in the space:

🙄 Trump indictment news sends his NFTs up 400%

 ✈️ Argentinian airline is going to issue NFTs as e-tickets

📉 Bittrex is shutting down operations in the US

Trump indictment news sends his NFTs up 400%

Trump being in the news again made his NFTs a hot commodity. The man who was once impeached and now indicted is making waves in the digital art world. His Digital Trading Cards are soaring in popularity, with sales increasing by 460% in just one day after his indictment.

The trading volume for Trump's digital trading cards has seen a huge surge, with 100 ETH worth of volume made during the first 24 hours after his indictment.

The floor price for the NFTs has also increased by 25%, meaning the cheapest one in the collection now costs around $1,000. It seems that despite his legal troubles Trump still has plenty of fans out there who are willing to speculate on his digital trading cards.

The collection, which consists of 45,000 cards featuring various Trump characters like Superman, a wrestler, a football player, etc., has seen over 13,963 purchases since its launch in December - the collection was sold out within 1 hour of its release.

Argentinian airline is going to issue NFTs as e-tickets

An airline from Argentine is making a step into the future by becoming the first in the world to issue e-tickets as NFTs. The airline is called Flybondi and it has proposed its "Ticket 3.0" upgrade that takes advantage of the NFT ticketing technology powered by Algorand.

Now, passengers can look forward to changing their name on tickets, transferring them or even selling them for a profit on-chain. Plus, they can even buy tickets in advance without worrying about their name and stuff like that - because, you know, it's on the blockchain now.

All these advancements signal that some airlines are more than willing to take a pioneering role in the NFT ticketing space and it looks like travelers are ready for a more flexible travel experience, so who said that crypto can't make it easier to travel?

Bittrex is shutting down operations in the US

Bittrex, an old crypto exchange that was founded around the ICO era of crypto, is now doing what almost every other exchange from that era has done: closing down their operations in the US. After being around for years, they decided to give users a short 4-week notice to close up shop in the US.

The company wrote in their email that U.S. customers will have access to their accounts until the last full day of withdrawals on April 29, and that the company will be fully closed by 12 p.m. PDT on April 30th, with a deadline of April 14 for all U.S. trading activity.

Bittrex' CEO said that the service halt is due to "regulatory uncertainty" and a lack of interest from U.S. regulators regarding sensible policies. It seems like the same old song and dance for crypto businesses in America, as regulators have been super aggressive in their stance on crypto as of late.

The company has been fined by the OFAC and FinCEN, as well as being barred from operating in New York in 2019. All these issues have contributed to the current situation and have put an end to Bittrex' operations in the U.S., though the CEO mentioned that the Bittrex Global, based in Bermuda and Liechtenstein, will still serve customers outside the U.S.

Sadly, it looks like another classic example of how innovation and technology can be stifled by people who are not willing to change or adapt.